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Meet the Maker

Candle Lover Turned Candle Creator

I have always enjoyed the soothing sense I receive when I burn candles. I love the aroma, the flame glowing, the calm it brings. All of that came with a price for me. I would enjoy the candles at home but within minutes get a pounding headache.

I did some digging and realized I may be allergic to the thing that should bring me joy. Turns out the wax used in most store-bought manufactured candles contains paraffin (petroleum) and the fragrance oils contain phthalates.

I spoke to a holistic healthcare provider about how those ingredients may be impacting me physically and she explained that the combination of paraffin and phthalates was likely causing my allergic reaction.

So I decided, why not make them on my own? I can control the ingredients and get exactly what I need without the allergic reaction. I mean, duh.

It Runs in the Family

After creating candles for myself I shared my new hobby with friends and family. They loved the them. I enjoyed the creative process and felt at peace in production. When I researched further I found soap making. My grandmother shared with me that she and my great grandmother, Mama Elsie, used to make soap themselves. I felt even more connected to my roots.

From candles, to soaps to body cream and scrubs, I am proud of the products I have created and feel connected to the rich history of a family of creators.

My Why

My desire to create something for myself turned into a full fledged entrepreneurial journey. I just wanted to burn candles at home without getting headaches, but now I have a full on business.

I love the feeling of creating something useful and helpful. In my day job as a journalist, I see and hear some terrible things. There are times when I feel I have nothing tangible to show for my hard work. Creating products, testing scents, writing recipes, brings calm to my sometimes chaotic world.

This is now a family business. My entire family contributes to the production and helps me create a legacy of business owners along the way. A girl can’t do it alone, right?

Our desire is for our products to be a calm, comforting, soothing addition to your households.

~ Bernadette Brown

The BB behind Baubles & Beeswax