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Product Care

You have made a great investment into the products we offer. We want to be sure you have a great return on that investment. These tips will educate you on some best practices for using our products.


The first burn of your candle is important for the life of your candle; candles have a memory.

When you burn your candle the first time be sure the top layer of wax reaches the edge of the jar. The candle should burn an hour for every inch in diameter. A full melt pool will give the best scent throw and will fill your small to mid-sized room with fragrance.

The wicks we use are self-trimming.A gentle pinch of the cooled wick will trim it to a great length for re-burning.After each burn, trim the wick to 1/4inch.

Keep the candle wick centered. Discontinue use of the wick is not centered.

Burn your candle on a heat resistant surface

Keep candles away from drafts or additional heat sources.

Burn the candle within sight.

Do not burn candles longer than 4 hours.

Discontinue use of the candle when ½" of wax remains in the jar.

The candle jar is reusable (you’re welcome). Once the wax is completely cooled, put your candle in the fridge to firm the wax and once hardened, the remaining candle wax and wick will come out easily.

Coconut Soy wax is not toxic, soap and water will clean the jar for easy reuse.

The body polish jar is reusable. (again, you’re welcome).

Our scrubs contain oils that may be slippery when used in showers or bathtubs. Please use caution when using the scrub to avoid slips and falls. We want you to fall in love with our products, not fall in the shower.  

Store soap where excess moisture can drain easily. Keep dry when possible to extend soap use.

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