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Our blog features articles, inspiration, playlists, tips, and tools to help you in your self-discovery journey.

3 Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem

Bernadette Brown Self Confidence Baubles and Beeswax

If you look in the mirror and don’t feel love, your self-esteem may need a boost. Self esteem is how you value yourself. Self esteem is your opinion of yourself and how you view your abilities. Once you boost your self-esteem, success in other aspects of your life may follow suit. Here are 3 easy ways you can work to build your self-esteem. 

5 Self Care Practices You Can Start Now

 black woman meditating baubles and beeswax self care tips and tricks

Neglecting self-care is easy in a busy world, but the consequences can be serious. Adding self-care practices to your daily routine can greatly strengthen your health and well-being.

How Does Self Care Help Us?


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When you live a life riddled with rushing thoughts, stress, and a pending burnout, this damages your health.

 Ditch the Screen

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Taking 30 minutes of my busy days to do something I enjoy, that allows me to embrace some natural creativity. Since I started doing this (these pages are intricate and take a LONG time to finish) I have been better at staying grounded, even during hectic moments.

Choose You, So You Can Do More for Them

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Before you spend another day rationalizing how you don’t have time for the things you enjoy, consider this: The mindset shift from guilty pleasure to actual self-care is an important one.

 The Healing Power of Music

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Scientific evidence suggests that music can have a profound effect on individuals – from helping improve cognitive function in stroke patients, to helping patients who are undergoing surgery experience less pain AND heal faster. 

Guess what else I discovered? Music can actually increase our dopamine levels.

That’s right; simply throwing on a good playlist and listening to it can boost your mood.

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