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July 01, 2022 2 min read

Records. Tapes. CDs. 

Concerts. Radio. iPods.

Streaming. Singing in the shower.

I was chatting with a friend the other day and we were talking about how when we love a song, we tend to put it on repeat and listen to it nonstop for weeks, sometimes even months. 

We were laughing about how our husbands are regularly subjected to our infinite musical loops when she paused and said, “I feel like a good rhythm can lift your soul, like in a way where you feel it both mentally and physically.” 

So this got me to thinking and googling and I found out some pretty interesting things.

According to UW Health, scientific evidence suggests that music can have a profound effect on individuals – from helping improve cognitive function in stroke patients, to helping patients who are undergoing surgery experience less pain AND heal faster. 

Guess what else I discovered? Music can actually increase our dopamine levels.

That’s right; simply throwing on a good playlist and listening to it can boost your mood. 

(So my good sis was right, you can feel music both physically and mentally🤭 )

This week, I want you to set aside a little bit of time to try music as a form of self care. I just wrote you a prescription to turn on the tunes! 

Here are a couple tips to get you started with music therapy: 

  • Create a playlist of 5-10 songs that soothe you. Focus on picking songs that invoke some sort of emotional response from you.

Once you have your songs, focus on your breathing as you listen to this music. 

  • Match your breathing to the rhythm of the music - with about 4 beats for an inhale, 4 beats hold, and 4 beats exhale. (Adapt this counting if the song is too fast/slow. Do what feels comfortable.) 

If you’re not sure where to begin, check out the playlist Garland created, titled  Keep It Mellow. (It’s available on Spotify.) Garland is a master playlist maker so you are in for a treat. 

woman laying headphones listening music

Music is therapy - science literally says so! Incorporate it into your self care routine, and listen mindfully. I promise you will feel it! 

Share a pic to your Instagram of you listening to music, dancing or singing and use the hashtags #musicformysoul and #baublesandbeeswax and I will give you a special 50% off discount for your next purchase. Yep, 50% OFF! 


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